Every Raider Comes From Somewhere

Raiders come from all over the globe, with different backgrounds and perspectives. What were they doing before joining the Guild? What has their experience been like so far in Web3? What is life really like working in DAO? The answers are in our stories.

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Origin Stories

"What is particularly interesting about these DAOs is the lack of definition, the possibility for div..."

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Sam Bau


"You have to be able to follow through on things that you say you're going to do and find tasks that ..."

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Dekan Brown


"A healthy DAO, and especially any DAO that’s doing Web3 stuff, has to have a good community. They ca..."

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Elliott Conway


"I’ve seen that the people who are most successful at making themselves known in Raid Guild are those..."

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Jaclyn Lenee


"Make sure that you support the people that are out there doing things that matter, rather than marke..."

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"I believe the best approach is to dive in, join communities, and contribute wherever you can. There'..."

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"It’s an interesting challenge figuring out the onboarding and offboarding process, discovering jobs ..."

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